Size Guide.

Choosing your size.

Effortless, throw on style.

Our coats are generous in size. Whether you’re wearing jeans, a work suit or a cocktail dress, they are meant to be thrown over your outfit to create a pulled-together style. Effortlessly.

You may wish to size down for a more fitted look. Or you may wish to add a brooch, pin or belt to enclose the top or midriff. Us? We like the carefree attitude of a coat billowing as we sashay (+charge+) down the railway platform. And the laissez-faire tone of an off-the-shoulder coat as it goes off-piste at the bar whilst balancing cocktails. Whatever you’re doing, a quick shakedown and you’re back to being the groomed style envy of all.


We are launching with three sizes to start with:

  • Size 1 is a pattern size 8 and fits a 8-10.
  • Size 2 is a pattern size 10 and fits a 10-12.
  • Size 3 is a pattern size 14 and fits a 14-16.

Note: we say our measurements are approximate as our garments are not made by machine, they are made by hand. Therefore there will always be small differences in every coat made. If you are unsure of size please get in touch with us and we will help you with measurements and selection.

Hem length.

Coat length is approximately 83cm neck to hem length.

We can create bespoke if you wish a longer or shorter coat, just get in touch to discuss.

Sleeve length.

Within the fabric sections you can choose from two sleeve lengths, just click on the thumbnails and the visuals and prices update accordingly. It’s amazing how different the styles can look just by simply changing the proportions of the arm lengths.

  • Long sleeve – approximately 54cm shoulder to cuff.
  • Short sleeve – approximately 28cm shoulder to cuff.


If you would like to order a toile (a mock-up sample in a lightweight fabric) to check your size then we can arrange this for a small charge which is deductable from your order. Please email us for more information.

Collars. Cuffs.

  • All of our collars are a generic size to fit all of our coats and jackets. We are launching with a neat Peter Pan collar option and a large, glam faux fur option. Further designs will be launched across the year.
  • Cuffs are currently only available on  long sleeve coats and only in faux fur…for now!

So, just tap and play to see all the different combinations you can have to upstyle and restyle your garment.

Lined. Unlined.

  • Most of our coats are pleat-lined and bagged with a viscose aubergine lining. Neck and front seams are bound in our Soop yellow satin binding.
  • Linen, denims and twills are generally unlined. Neck, front and side seams are bound in our Soop yellow satin binding.
  • Details of whether a garment is lined or unlined will appear in the tool tip when you make your selections in the SoopStyler.