Salon Libertine London is a new London-based luxury lifestyle brand, set-up by Victoria Hill, offering textiles, wallpaper and accessories.

The highly decorative and painterly designs are inspired by Victoria’s love of the masters of Colourist and Impressionist painting, fused with a knowledge of the 18th and 19th Century European Decorative Arts, as well as a passion for emerging Abstract artists from the London art scene. All designs have been created by fine artists with each element hand-painted in acrylic or gouache.

victoria hill
Victoria says –
‘‘I am so excited to be working with Soop. I love their concept of bringing considered, exquisitely crafted pieces of clothing to people and it’s so refreshing to see beautiful, unique items being made with skill and love in the UK.
When I launched my interiors brand, I always envisaged the designs transferring into fashion, creating pieces of wearable art, but didn’t know how to go about it. Collaborating with Soop is making that possible. The joyous colour and pattern in our designs on our sumptuous velvets and silks, combined with the gorgeous fur collars and cuffs, create luxurious clothing that will bring you joy for years to come.’’

Victoria is obsessed with the pure joy of unrestrained colour and flowers, and how these uplift the senses. Her flowers play amongst richly layered abstract and expressive backgrounds, with a palette heavily influenced by travels to the South of France, India and Morocco. Victoria is committed to working with small businesses in the UK, with all items printed to order in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Available fabrics.

We are delighted to offer you a small selection of Salon Libertine silks and velvets in the SoopStyler. With the additional opportunity of selecting Victoria’s other designs and colourways as you wish. Each design is available in:

  • Sumptuous velvet with a beautiful drape and depth of colour – 100% Polyester, 370 GSM.
  • Cotton silk (coming soon) – light and luxurious for evening coats, resort and cruise wear – 40% Silk, 60% Cotton, 122 GSM.

Salon Libertine fabrics are all printed bespoke to your order. Samples available on request – please email and we will arrange for you.

Perfumes of the Night Floral Edition

‘Perfumes of the Night’ was conceived in the summer heat of the South of France. It captures the essence of sweetly intoxicating, balmy summer evenings. Luscious peonies, roses and delicate, Van Gogh inspired,  blossoms float across vibrant painterly backgrounds. This design uses an intense palette inspired by the colours of the ‘Jardins Majorelles’ in Morocco, India and the South of France. Unexpected, potent brushstrokes of turquoise, vivid orange and bubblegum pink, celebrate a hedonistic sense of colour, and add greater richness and depth.

Available in the SoopStyler in: Indian Pink and Moroccan Blue.

Available on request: Matisse Green.

Nature as Art

‘Nature as Art’ is a traditional composition made timeless. Exquisite loosely painted roses gather informally across a richly layered background of gentle mauves, chalky blues and subtle greys, from which diaphenous flowers emerge and recede.

Classical in nature, the design is rendered contemporary by vibrant shots of fuchsia, ultramarine, aqua and purple.

An array of stunning designs and fabrics to choose from.

Salon Libertine offers many other designs for you to choose from to create your own bespoke coat or jacket.

  • Simply click on the fabric links below which take you directly to Salon Libertine’s website.
  • Browse the different colourways. Read the inspiration behind the art works.
  • Then email the name and colourway of your chosen fabrics to
  • We will then liaise with you, and arrange photography to create a visual in the SoopStyler just for you, for free. So, you can then see how the fabric works in the different styles and with the different collars and cuffs.

We can’t wait to see what you choose. Enjoy!