Haute couture at your fingertips.

We are thrilled to be collaborating with Joel and Son Fabrics. A leading retailer in the world of haute couture fabric, with the honour of a Royal Warrant from Her Majesty the Queen.

From brocades to cashmeres, faux furs to cloqués, high-tech to hand-painted.  Dolce & Gabbana to Lanvin, Versace to Givenchy. Joel & Son Fabrics’ heritage and marque in the fashion industry, combined with our design and couture skills, means you now have the unique opportunity to create your coat from the most up-to-date, in vogue and technologically advanced fabrics.

Joel & Son Fabrics available in the SoopStyler.

Joel & Son Fabrics present a cornucopia of the most sublime haute couture fabrics. Far too many for us to include here. So, we have just a few fabrics in the SoopStyler that you can visualise your coat in – scroll down to ‘Joel & Son Fabrics’ in the SoopStyler here.  And we have a special arrangement for you to select further options of your choice, below.

Bright Gold Silk Jacquard Brocade – Only 2m left!

This stunning bright gold silk jacquard brocade from Joel & Sons is Made in Italy. Only 2m of this fabric remains for a truly unique and resplendent garment. 13613 composition: Silk.

Floral/Gold Laminated Cloqué

Made in Italy, a multi coloured floral printed cloqué with floral silk gold laminate. Lightweight, durable and easy to wear. Complement your look with a silk satin slip dress or cigarette pants and heels, and you’re ready to go! 11690 composition: 48% Wool, 42% Silk, 10% PA.

Green/Ivory Metallic Brocade

This is a stunning metallic tone on tone brocade with blend of colour and texture. Understated yet sophisticated, this pliable emerald and ivory metallic fabric tailors especially well for a summer coat or jacket. Team this new fabric from Joel & Sons with a plain silk crêpe to create an absolutely stunning outfit. 9412 composition: 61% Poly, 26% PM, 13% PA.


Animal Print Silver Metallic Brocade

An eye-catching silver grey animal metallic brocade from Joel & Sons. This pliable brocade tailors especially well for a jacket or coat. Team this up with a plain silk crêpe to create an absolutely stunning outfit. Made in Italy. 13917 composition: 46% PL, 8% PC, 41% AC, 5% Silk.

Gunmetal Grey ‘Mock Croc’ Metallic Brocade

Made in Italy, this ‘mock croc’ gunmetal grey metallic brocade is subtle but elegant. 7367 composition: Polyester, Acrylic, Metallic.

Designer Metallic Silver Brocade

Made in Italy, this brocade is set on a black background with a silver metallic thread creating a ‘dark’ silver appearance. 13908 composition: 75% Wool, 20% Viscose, 5% Lurex.

Gold on Grey Petal Metallic Brocade

Gold embroidered petal design on a dark grey brocade. This wool, silk and acetate mix is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Beautiful quality from Joel & Son Fabrics’ top Italian fabric mills. 9738 composition: 57% Polyester, 16% Acetate, 15% Wool, 12% Silk.

Dark Silver Metallic ‘Grosgrain’ Cloqué

Made in Italy, a wool and lurex blended cloqué in a dark silver metallic. 10324 composition: Wool, Lurex.

A plethora of haute couture fabrics to choose from.

Rare, unique, designer, luxe. There are hundreds of stunning fabrics for you to choose from to create a one-of-a-kind coat or jacket.

  • Simply click on the fabric links below which take you directly to Joel & Son Fabrics website.
  • Browse and select.
  • Then email the website page link/s of your chosen fabrics to enquiries@soop.style.
  • We will then liaise with you, and arrange photography to create a visual in the SoopStyler just for you; so you can then see how the fabric works in the different styles and with the different collars and cuffs.

We can’t wait to see what you choose. Enjoy!