Your Questions Answered.

Here to help.

Soop is a new concept and you may have questions about fabric, sizing etc.  We’ve given some extra help here but if you need anything else at all, just get in touch with us.

How do I know what size to select?

Our duster coats are generous. They are meant to be thrown over whatever you are wearing, effortlessly. Please read the Size Guide here. If you need any further help, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can advise on what size option is best for you.

We work in close partnership with our merchants and mills to ensure how we present fabrics is exactly how they wish them to be showcased to you.

We recommend that you read the Fabric Guide first. This will give you all the information about fabric composition, a description of weight, drape, colour and any other options that are available. The fabric details are shown in groups, the same groups as the SoopStyler. There is a slide show of images alongside each descriptor, and the images can be expanded and zoomed in on to see greater detail. For some we also show examples from the SoopStyler and any final garments made up.

Once you’ve found the fabric you love, go to the SoopStyler. When you select a fabric in the SoopStyler a small panel will appear above your arrow telling you the name of the fabric, the type of fabric, the sleeve length and if the coat is lined or not.

Once you’ve made your selection and move to another dropdown eg collars, cuffs, the fabric descriptor remains in the menu to remind you of all the details.

For a small charge, we can also arrange for a sample of the fabric to be sent to you. Please just email us to arrange.

Probably. We are able to offer a service sourcing alternative fabrics from our preferred partners.

Fabrics will then be approved by our production teams for their suitability and to ensure they are on Soop brand. And an initial cost estimate and fabric thumbnails will be sent to you for comment/approval. If you wish to progress then we will arrange photography to drop into the SoopStyler, and you can create the option/s you want and purchase as normal.

Easy! Just take a look at our videos here. You can pause on each step to get a clear view. It’s a breeze.

Then just pack a collar or two in your bag and you can Soop things up on the go!